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We are looking for 12 Partners to join our team

We are looking for 12 Deal Partners to join the Opulentia Capital team on our Buy, Build, Sell ™. Joining us guarantees that you will increase your net worth by at least £1M GBP within the next 18 months and that we acquire a multi million pound business together.

We are running a year long program that will teach you everything you need to know to acquire at least one multi million pound profitable business within the next 18 months.

The first live event will be held in April in Europe. Travel and accommodation is provided.

You will spend three full days with Paul Seabridge and his team covering Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) from start to finish learning everything there is to know. This is based on his and his teams real experience of doing over 90 deals.

We will then set up an SPV which we will own 50/50 and will be the vehicle we use to make our first acquisition together. We set it up after because part of the content is how to structure a holding company.

You will then be appointed as a Partner at Opulentia Capital with a profile on our website and your own email address.

Once part of the team you will have access to all of the credibility and track record of Opulentia and access to all our tools and resources to facilitate multiple deals. Resources include access to the team for deal structuring, valuation, financial analysis & modelling, business planning, legals & of course our funding. 


What the program covers:

  • Introduction to Buy, Build, Sell ™

  • What is an LBO

  • Where to find deals (detailed marketing and sourcing plan)

  • Sourcing using data

  • Sourcing letters

  • Sourcing LinkedIn & social media

  • Sourcing email

  • Sourcing automation & software

  • Sourcing others

  • Sourcing joint ventures

  • Sourcing outside UK (Specifically Australia, United States)

  • Examples of initial & subsequent calls / meetings with prospects

  • Objection handling : against debt

  • Objection handling : against seller financing

  • Objection handling : wants higher valuation

  • Objection handling : not enough cash upfront

  • Objection handling : others

  • Deal structuring and valuation

  • Analysing financials

  • Understanding balance sheet

  • Using surplus cash in deals (UK, Australia, US specific & tax)

  • Importance of trust and relationship

  • Offering

  • Example offer meeting & presentation 

  • Negotiation

  • Heads of Terms & Letters of Intent

  • Example Heads of Terms

  • Example presentation of Heads of Terms

  • Due diligence process and what to look for

  • Legals walk through of documents

  • Legals common areas of contention & how to handle them

  • Advisors : your advisors, how to chose them, Opulentia advisors

  • Advisors : setting expectations & presenting to other side

  • Funding leverage - what can you borrow % against assets

  • Funding easiest vs difficult

  • Funding sourcing it

  • Funding business plan

  • Funding PGs - don't sign them

  • Other types of funding mezzanine / equity fund

  • Closing stages

  • Post operations first thirty days win hearts and minds

  • Hiring and recruitment define the need

  • Recruitment of operational team / advisory board

  • Recruitment headhunting

  • Recruitment coffee chat

  • Incentivise management

  • Marketing 9 steps marketing plan

  • Sales - how to improve topline / transactional selling

  • Finance for non accountants

  • Exit preparing

  • Exit and wealth

  • Passive income & wealth / wealth banking

What else is included in the program

  • In person three day live event

  • Each week you will get recommended reading 

  • Bi-weekly (virtual) mentoring with an Opulentia Director

  • Monthly (virtual) meet up as group to further learning and set goals and accountability/ review everyones progress & share success

  • Weekly videos guiding through the process start to finish

  • Self help articles

  • Tailored plan based on your own personal goals

  • Resources of Opulentia team to facilitate a deal

  • Access to operational post deal leading executives that work with Opulentia

Sky Scrapers

About Paul Seabridge

Paul Seabridge is a global entrepreneur, best selling Amazon author, mergers and acquisitions expert and CEO of Opulentia Capital. He has personally completed over 90 transactions across 9 countries in 26 industries.


You will earn nothing from this until a deal is closed but typical earnings are set out below. Every deal is different but this is a broad average. You therefore need to have a source of income up to your first deal. This may be a job, business interest, other income from investments. Most JV partners we work with conclude a deal within 4-6 months. The quickest we have ever done a deal with a JV partner was 4 weeks from the end of the program to completion but that is unusual. Others have taken 12 months. It is therefore important you have another source of income for at least 1 year. 

Deal fee

A fee paid by the target business which is usually between £50-250k.

A monthly management charge typically no less than £120k a year.

A dividend usually during first two years £100k per year.

Exit value likely to be 7-8 figures years 3/4.

Who is the program for?

  • This program is limited to just 12 partners.

  • You will either already be running a business or have recently exited from one.

  • It is vital you have experience of starting or running a business.

  • You have the drive and ambition and time to dedicate at least one full day per week for the next year on this (ideally full time).

  • Be an action taker - you will apply what you learn.

  • Have the ambition to grow a group in a sector and exit within 4 years for 7/8 figures.

  • You don’t need to be an accountant but you should have a reasonable comprehension of financial information.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Be based in or willing to travel / work in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada or Australia.

The Investment

To join the program you will pay £23k joining fee of which £5k is payable now and the rest in equal monthly instalments over 18 months. Payment can be accepted in any other major currency equivalent. 


We guarantee to refund the total amount you pay to Opulentia if we don’t land a deal within 18 months that increases your net worth by at least £1m.

Residential Apartment Building


Where will the event be held?

Depending on where the partners are based we will choose a central location in a major European city that is commutable for all those taking part.


End April, Early May 2023. Dates tbc 

Is travel and accommodation included?

Travel to the event 1-2 days before and return the evening of the final day or the day after
Travel by air or rail in economy-class, hotel room per night for duration of time in Europe

what about food and drinks?

A light lunch will be provided each day as well as regular tea, coffee and soft drinks / water.
You will need to organise your own evening meal and breakfast which is available from the hotel.

what if i want to travel business class?

You can pay for the difference.

what if i don´t close a deal?

We will refund everything you have paid if we do not close at least one deal within 18months that increases your net worth by at least £1m.

what resources are available to me as a Partner of Opulentia?

Access to all marketing materials, case studies, team members in finance / valuation / structuring / legal / analysts / marketing and sourcing, suite of legal documents, funding and access to Opulentia brokers and professional advisors. The list is extensive.

are there any fees involved to do a deal?

No, all fees for brokers and professional advisors are payable on a contingent basis and come from the acquired company and debt used to purchase.

do you have to sign pg´s?

We teach you not to. No.

what do i earn before doing a deal?

From Opulentia nothing so you need to have your own source of income whether it be as a job or your own business.

have you done this before?

Last year the majority of the deals we concluded were with joint venture partners . You can not leverage your own time but you can leverage others - by showing people how to conclude deals we have a small army of people working to do deals.

what´s the largest acquisition you have made?

Acquired fresh produce business £50m turnover £2m profit in 2021.

where is it now?

Revenues almost approaching £100m and acquired four others ebitda on track for £4m+.

tell us about a recent exit?

At the end of 2022 we sold our stake in Take Me Group which is the fastest growing taxi company in the UK up to our exit they acquired 20+ companies in 2 years. We were a founding investor.

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