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Optimising operational performance



Outsource stuff that others can either do better for you or save you money on or both ideally.

Revisit your Business Plan

If you don’t have a plan how can you see whether you are on track. If you have a plan and it’s not working change it. If you have a plan and it’s not being implemented, follow it. Get your key employees involved in building your business plan. Break it down to small steps. A step by step plan of we want to be over here, we are currently here, and these are all the things we need to do to get there. This person will do that, by when etc.


Motivate your employees

Great leadership for me is about creating a vision and motivating everyone to achieve that vision. Setting up a regular newsletter, running competitions increasing engagement and motivation.

Identify your weak spots

If there is something you or your business is not good at go find out how to do it better or hire someone smarter than you to do that for you. Having ran a recruitment business for 7 years and speaking to directors of some of the UK & US biggest businesses one common theme ran through the good businesses – most would say “hiring people smarter than you” was fundamental to their success – being able to assemble and motivate the best people will set you apart.

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