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I offer a fresh pair of eyes using analysis, planning and many years of business experience to help companies with cash flow or debt issues.

Working with a business owner I can spot problems and implement solutions that may not be visible to current management and owners as they are too close to the subject. Turning your business around when you’re deeply involved can be challenging, and extremely stressful, especially when you have mounting debts, a CVA and personal guarantees. Insolvency can seem like the only option available to you.

Typically, companies contact Insolvency Practitioners who will charge you thousands of pounds. An already financially struggling business could do without such additional expenditure; smarter options are available to you.

As a turnaround specialist that has helped turnaround businesses with debts of more than £500k in less than 3 months, I charge no fees, I work ethically, and will only work with you if I can add significant value and rescue the company from insolvency and save you from the stigma of bankruptcy.

Initially we would arrange a meeting and assess the situation. I will then develop a custom turnaround plan for your business and help you implement it.

At first we’ll stabilise cash flow and calm things down with your creditors.

Then, we’ll conduct a series of tests to diagnose ‘business problems’. Based on the results, we’ll recommend solutions, prepare a cash forecast, and develop a written turnaround plan tailored to your company.

And finally, we’ll prepare a series of action items and help you implement them as you guide the turnaround to a successful conclusion.

The first step is to get in touch here and arrange a meeting with me. You will learn more about the turnaround process and what is involved – you will learn more about me and how he can help you. By the end of the meeting you’ll know if the chemistry is right and you if want to proceed.

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